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Website Services, what kind of website should I build? What is the best platform out there? How can I be successful with a new or existing website? There are many questions you need to answer before building your website. Here is a list of questions and answers before you start your website development.

What is the best Website platform? My opinion is a WordPress website, yes a WordPress website is very easy to launch and learn. It is super easy to add text, images or videos to your site. Creating a new page on WordPress is super easy and fast. Posting a new blog post is just a click away. Invest on a WordPress website because it is just the best! You may create a WordPress website on our site, it is configured with many different builder’s and plugins. Please read more about WordPress plugin on google. Learn what it is and why we need them. Website Services on our site is very secure, easy and FAST!

WordPress Websites

WordPress has been out for many years now, it is a free platform and easy to install. After installation has been completed; we have to configure it and change it all around. We are able to buy and design a designed theme for it. The theme is very easy to change. The customization is the hardest part, sometimes we need to edit the programming pages and Style CSS file. Our website’s are all WordPress website’s, as you can see we can create many different designs.

Let us create your new website today. Website Services is available on our site. You may launch a website here on our site and learn how to create something. You are able to change each design theme 100%. Create your next new website on our site free. See our membership plans here.


I am writing this post with the new WordPress Editor with WordPress. Am also learning how to use it. I am starting to like it because it has many different options and styles. It is built with block’s and many different options. I know it will take time to learn it real good. But, I think that new inventions and evolution is very good! It helps to make something a lot better and just get ahead on our life. WordPress had one of their biggest updates with this new editor. You are able to write and write with the built in WordPress editor. Let’s build that great website for your business.

Plugins & Options

Plugins for a WordPress websites. A plugin is a programming module that is installed on the system and adds a unique functionality to a part of the website. It makes you create and do one thing. For example: a contact form, yes a contact form module is a plugin. It let’s you create a contact form on a page. There are free and paid plugins, I have seen that the free plugins do some things on a page. There is a pro version or upgrade version but has to be purchased. Basically a WordPress plugin is a set of files on a folder that you can add to a WordPress website.

Website’s Services & Web Hosting

You also need a powerful cloud web hosting. A web hosting account that won’t let you down. I recommend to get your new cloud web hosting. It is super fast & the best customer service. On top of all this great options; they create and design your website. Yes a web hosting company that helps you from nothing to a professional website built. You will not need another person to handle and work on your website again. Register your domain name there too, you can do everything needed regarding building a website.

Register your sub-domain website on our website. We are able to connect link a domain name to your sub domain website. Register your domain name with and connect it with our website. This domain mapping is great because you don’t have to worry about any configuration’s.

Contact us today to start your website adventure. Go ahead and review our website plan’s and register it today. Please contact us so we can activate your site and get it ready for you. You may also work on your site here on our site, I mean designing it yourself. It is cheaper if you are a webmaster and want to save some money. We are here to help you all the way!

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